Our History

Thanks to Dale Yeilding and Hank Robinson, We can share a bit about our History 

The Mardi Gras House is one of the many group beach houses around Dewey Beach, Delaware.  Dewey Beach is a small town with about 200 residents during the winter and over 20,000 during the summer.  It's only about a half mile long spotted with Restaurants and Night clubs.  It's well known as the Washington DC, VA, MD, DE & PA area summer retreat.  Nearby Rehoboth and Lewis also has a lot of interesting places to visit. 

The Mardi Gras House theme originated from a trip a group took to the actual Mardi Gras in New Orleans many years ago. The weather was warm, the alcohol was ever flowing and the partying was more incredible than words can express...here our house theme came to be. We have been together for years with only few people leaving each year. We all escape to Dewey on weekends just to get away from work and have a good time with our friends. Our house is 2 blocks off the ocean with an enclosed patio with plenty of space for many great summer parties. There are plenty of beds, but don't count on a room to yourself. Guys and Gals share rooms, but we're all professionals and basically treat each other like brothers & sisters.

It All Began with a Kiss

July 3, 1992 - Dale & Sherri are in 1st beach house together on McKinley bayside have first kiss - YES it all began with just one kiss

Feb. 20, 1993 - Mardi Gras trip to New Orleans - was suppose to have been just the girls, but Dale insisted we needed him as our protector. Funny it ended up our protector had his wallet stolen from him. Awesome trip - so much fun, wildness, cool drinks. A lasting impression even to this day. Also, it should be known that Dale earned just as many beads as the girls. In fact he earned the largest/heaviest set of beads (which I thought he did to give to me, but, oh no he probably still has them).
Ask how he got those babies!

May 15, 1995 - Mardi Gras House is born on 2 Swedes Street - many members have come and gone (key people there for the first house, Dale, Sherri, Mary Beth, Hank, Karen Williams, Fernando, Tom Revesz & Lee Trumbore)

1996 - 1999? - 6 Houston Street

2000? - House back in the woods (bayside) Sherri's last year as coordinator

Hank, I am going off the top of my head. Did we move to the wooded house in 2000 or 2001?




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