Inviolable Rules:
No Illegal Drugs allowed on MGH property:
If you violate this rule, you will be evicted* from the house immediately.
No Firearms allowed on MGH property:
If you violate this rule, you will be evicted* from the house immediately.
* If evicted, there will be no refunds of any moneys and you are banned from the MardiGrasHouse.

General NO-NOs
No Smoking in the house:
Smokers will only smoke outside, even if it's raining. 
Extinguish and discard in a safe responsible manner. (Do not flick you butts)
Sponsors of smoking guests are responsible for their adherence to this policy. 
No Tampering with or Disabling the Smoke Detectors:
While we don’t anticipate any fires, smoke does happen (take burnt popcorn for example).
Smoke detectors are there for everyone’s safety and protection. 
No Pets!
No Kids!
( This does not apply if you are renting the house during the weekday )
No Live in members!!! ( We can not afford to run the houses A/C systems 24/7, it's simply not in the budget )
Do Not Give out the Door Code to Strangers!!! ( The locks are there to help protect our Members and their personal items )

Standard house Rules:
Please remember to let Jeff know if you are or are not coming the Tueday before the weekend.
Failure to send in your email could result in the member sleeping on the couch. [assuming there is room]
This email allowes the house to add guests as well as letting guest know we have a bed for them.

The Sponsoring Member is responsible for their guest's actions and  Guesting Fees
Mid Week Rentals  [Normally 4 weekday renters per summer]
When rented during the Mid Week.  All members personal belongings (excluding personal storage & food tubs) are to be out of the house by noon Sunday.  Outdoor shower can be used until 2pm.  Transportation can remain until 2pm.  After 2pm all members and their personal belongings including Transportation are to be off MGH property.  Member are not to return earlier than 3pm on Friday. 

The MGHouse has parking for members. Cars may park on the front yard and driveway. If you block a car or gate, leave your keys on the parking lot key board located in the utility room. 
Guest Parking: Guests may park at the house if there is space available. Sponsor must make sure all members have a parking space before allowing a Guest to park at the house. Otherwise, Guests must obtain a Dewey parking permit from the Dewey Town Hall on Rodney Street.

Everyone gets a bed, neither members or guests are expected to share a bed unless you want to.  Members have the first choice of beds.
  Members should claim a bed upon arrival with your bag or better yet sheets and its yours for the weekend.  Placing your belongings on additional beds could be misconstrued as taking two beds.  Couples in double beds are the most efficient use of our sleeping accommodations.  Mark the Bed Status Board to help the next arriving MGM determine which beds are available.  The Bed Status Board is for information only, since your bag or sheets actually claim your bed.  Guests will be directed to a bed by their Sponsoring Member. Members may bump guests to an upper bunk if it's open and before Friday 8pm.

Storage space is limited!!! Each person will have the use of 2 plastic storage tubs:
One 10 gallon storage tub for non-food personal items and a Second plastic tub for personal food items. You are not to leave personal items anywhere else within the house.  Items found left in closets and other places will be put in the lost and found.  Items not retrieved will be tossed out.
Beach chairs - Are to be stored on hooks along the fence in the back yard.  [Chair owner may lock their chair to the fence to keep others from using it]
Bikes - All Bikes are to be parked in the bike rack in the back yard. Member may wish to lock their bikes to the rack when not in use.

No Tampering with or Disabling the security cameras.  The Cameras monitor the doors, they are there incase of a problem.  The door lock is there for the protection and security of the members and their belongings.  While we don’t anticipate unwanted people entering the house, it does happen.  The cameras and locks are there for everyone’s safety and protection. We suggest you Lock-up valuables in your car.  Last one out Sunday, locks the house.   See Also [

Please clean up after yourself, empty kitchen trash & recycle and empty or fill dish washer as needed.   Please pay special attention to removing personal items from the bathrooms after each use. Any bath products left in the showers can and most likely will be used by people you don't know and where you don't want to know! 
The house will be periodically professionally cleaned.
Upon departure, empty all trash and vacuum your room and common areas.

Members are to supply their own food & drink. Remember, if you did not bring it, do not eat it. In addition, it's a good idea to Bag & label (with name and date) anything you don't want to share. Remove ALL your personal items upon departure. The last person to leave is to discard All food items [Excluding condiments] and roll the trash can(s) to the curb.

We suggest pre-bar parties due to the late night noise.  But after hour parties are the "Dewey Way of Life".  Close windows and deck doors to help contain sound.  Loud Voices & Music on decks after 10pm should be avoided. Please be considerate of fellow MGMs and our neighbors after dark.  Member(s) having a party, are responsible for everything from start to finish, this includes clean-up and fines if the Police are called.  To avoid pissing off the house coordinator, the bulk of the party mess should be cleaned up before going to bed. 
Final cleanup is to be completed first thing in the morning, before going to the Starboard, Beach, Running or whatever! 

There is none for Members. We trust you. However, you break it, you buy a replacement. 

Is for guests of the MGH Corporation only. Members do not have use of this room. 

If you're not sure if you're the last person, assume you are!
- Lock the ALL doors and windows. (Do not forget the back enclosed back deck)

- Turn off lights, TV, Stereo..........
- Adjust thermostats to [80 degrees in the summer, 50 degrees in the winter] and turn off Breaker to main entrance A/C. 
- Close internal glass doors.
- Roll All filled trashcans out to the street. 
[Do to animals, all Kitchen trash should be placed in hard plastic trash cans]

If all the common sence rules listed above were not enough

Click here to read about some of Dewey's rules.



HOT-TUB [Not included in Summer or Winter membership]
- Keep food and drink out of the tub water.
- Be mindful of the noise after dark.
- Leave tub as you found it or better. [Clean, cover closed and correct temp setting]
If you are not Ok with the above, do not use the tub.




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