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Winter Membership 2016-17
Email Jeff with all guest requests

Membership Fees:
$500 per person. Private rooms are available based on occupancy.

The MardiGrasHouse would be open to all winter members Friday through Sunday starting September 23rd through May 7th. The house would also be open additional days for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and Major Dewey Holidays.
All MardiGrasHouse Rules apply, be it Summer or Winter. 
If your not sure what the rules are... Click on
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Guest Fees:
All guests must be approved by the house coordinator by sending Jeff an email.
Once approved, guest fees are $30 per night. [except for Dewey Holiday weekends]
During SB closing, New Years, Winter Gala and SB opening guest fees are $40 per night with a 2 night minimum.

$30 cancellation fee:
Once Approved, if a Guest does not come during the approved date(s), the Sponsor must pay the $30 fee before the Sponsor may request another guest.

You may pay by Cash.
Fill out envelope upon arrival, put cash in envelope, seal and put envelope in drop box.


Please send any questions or comments concerning this site to jeff@mardigrashouse.net