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Rental Policies

NO-NO's: Commiting one of these could cost you your security deposit, ban you from renting house or worse.
No Smoking in the house
No Tampering with or Disabling the Smoke Detectors
No Tampering with or Disabling the Security System

No Illegal Drugs - If this is your thing, DO NOT RENT THIS HOUSE!!
No Firearms!
No Pets!


Check in is 6pm Sunday.  Earlier if the cleaning people finish early. 
You are welcome to drop off your car before 6pm and head to the beach, bars or where ever.....
[Please do not bother the cleaning people, they are working hard to make everything nice for you]

Check out is noon Friday.  Door code will be changed some time between Noon and 3pm.
You are welcome to use the outdoor shower until 3pm.

The house has plenty of parking. Cars can park in the yard and driveway.

The house does not supply bed linens or towels. 

No Tampering with or Disabling the security cameras or door locks. – While we don’t anticipate unwanted people entering the house, it could happen.  The cameras and locks are there for everyone’s safety and protection. Lock up valuables in your car. Out of sight is out of mind. Last one out locks the house. 

The house will be professionally cleaned just a few hours before your arrival .
Please clean up after yourself, empty the trash and vacuum your room upon departure.
Please pay special attention to removing personal items from the bathrooms. 

The main refrigerator and freezer will be cleaned and empty of everything but condiments.

House bikes are for everyones enjoyment.  Use them at you own risk. 

There is a minimal $500 required which we will happily return if there is no damage. However, you break it, you buy it. 

This bedroom contains the owner personal belongings and is for guests of the Corporation only.
Renters do not have use of this room. 

[If you're not sure if you're the last person out, assume you are!]
-Lock the ALL doors and windows.
-Turn off lights, TV, Stereo..........
-Adjust thermostats [80 degrees in the summer, 50 degrees in the winter] and turn off Breaker to main entrance Heating & A/C. 
-Put trash out to the street.  [Due to animals, all Kitchen trash should be placed in plastic trash cans]




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